Take our quiz to find out if our Mt Buller accommodation is right for you

Keep track of your answers to find out what kind of Mt Buller holiday maker you are below.

1.       Is this your first time at the snow?

      a. Yes    b. No – I’ve been a few times    c. No – I’ve been lots of times

2.       Why do you want to visit the snow?

      a. For snow play with the kids    b. To try something new    c. To ski or Snowboard

3.       Which are you looking for out of your Mt Buller holiday?

      a. Things for the kids to do    b. Things for grown-ups and kids to do    c. Facilities for skiers and easy access to the slopes

4.       What’s the most important thing for you about your ski accommodation?

      a. I want to be close to the village    b. I want somewhere to relax    c. I just need the basics in my accommodation

5.       Do you mind sharing a room?

      a. If I’m with my kids    b. If it saves me money    c. If I’m close to the slopes

6.       Which statement best describes you?

      a. I want to come away with great memories of the snow    b. I want to come away feeling like I’ve experienced the snow     c. I want to                    indulge my passion for the snow

And the results... If you got:

Mostly A’s = You are a Memory Maker

Mostly B’s = You are an Experience Seeker

Mostly C’s = You must be a Snow Lover

Alpine Retreat is located in the heart of the Mt Buller alpine village, an easy 200m stroll from the village centre and Bourke St ski run.

Alpine Retreat Distances

Check out the view from our Bar! Chamois slope and Lydia's lift are across the road from our front door for ski in/ski out access and the centre of the Mt Buller Village and Bourke Street ski run are a 200m walk away.


Alpine Retreat Mt Buller
6 Stirling Road
Mount Buller, VIC 3723




Phone Numbers:

BOOKING LINE: 03 5777 6500

Summer Hours: Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm
Winter Hours: Monday to Sunday, 8am to 8pm

If there is no answer, we are probably on another call or have popped out of the office. Please leave a message and we will respond to you directly.

Outside of these hours please leave a message and we will respond to you the next day.

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IF YOU ARE ALREADY IN RESORT & require assistance, please call: 0439 776500