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  • 48 Stirling Road
  • Mount Buller, VIC, 3723
  • Australia

To provide exceptional guest service by assisting guests with the selection and setup of rental equipment and to maintain a safe and functional environment for guests and staff within the hotel. The Ski Rental Shop Technician will have a high level of knowledge of the rental equipment offered and should be able to advise guests appropriately. You will also be involved in regular daily maintenance and testing of the equipment and in keeping the shop and its entrances clean, tidy and free from snow. As handyman your responsibilities include guaranteeing the safety of staff and guests by carrying out general maintenance, cleaning and clearing ways to ensure that facilities and equipment, including the pool, are in good shape at all times.

Key Responsibilities
•    Maintain a friendly, congenial and helpful attitude when dealing with guests.
•    Select and setup rental equipment for guests, including fit correct size boots and select appropriate size ski/snowboard and length.
•    Adjust bindings.
•    Ensure booking forms are completed correctly.
•    Perform continual maintenance and upkeep of rental equipment including cleaning and repairing boots, inspecting bindings, repairing and tuning skis and snowboards and repairing pole baskets and grips.
•    Consistently follow essential safety protocols.
•    Know all products, services and prices offered in the rental/repair shop as well as being familiar with those of the resort.
•    Foster an attitude of teamwork and cooperation within the rental/repair shop and the resort.
•    Perform upkeep and maintenance in the rental shop and on tools and machinery as needed.
•    Maintain neat, clean, and well organized shop.
•    Demonstrate proper knowledge of company cash handling policies and procedures.
•    Arrive on time, with proper, clean uniform and appearance.
•    See to it that objects and facilities, such as furniture, equipment and stationery are cleared out of the way in order not to obstruct movement of staff and visitors.
•    Clear entranceways to the hotel to ensure easy access for guests and staff.
•    Troubleshoot general problems.
•    Repair and replace general hardware. Fix equipment that may cause harm when used in bad condition.
•    Make sure that furniture is always in good shape in order to give comfort to individuals who make use of it.
•    Have some knowledge of plumbing and electrical work be able to fix minor problems that may arise.
•    Inform management about equipment that needs to be replaced.
•    Carry out inspection on facilities on a regular basis in order to avoid casualties that may arise from sudden malfunctions.
•    Attend to members of staff promptly at all times to respond to emergencies that may arise from equipment and appliances malfunctioning.
•    Perform other duties as assigned by the Ski Rental/Lodge Managers.

•    Experience as a ski technician is preferred.
•    Experience in building maintenance is essential.
•    Great customer service and attention to detail.

•    Strong customer service skills
•    English fluency - required
•    Ability to solve problems.
•    Ability to work under pressure.
•    Good time management.
•    Good knowledge of carpentry, plumbing and electrical works.
•    Security conscious.
•    Ability to prioritize tasks.
•    Friendly, personable and comfortable working with people
•    Team player
•    Demonstrate a positive attitude to work.
•    Passion for the snowsport industry - preferred
Please note that this job will involve working mostly mornings and evenings or split shifts. Applicants must hold a valid Australian work visa and be available to work the whole winter season from around the 1st June until the end of September. 

If you would like the opportunity to spend the winter on top of the world, please apply by sending a cover letter, resume and photo to bookings@alpineretreatmtbuller.com.au. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview in Melbourne. 

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